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Bugs & Bites Away!

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Summer midgies love me but sadly I don't love them in return!

I tend to start my Summer holiday with my legs covered in bites as the blighters get to me without me knowing until those first endless itches begin.

That's where Past Tense comes in handy. Most people enjoy its properties for head and neck tension but for me it's the only way to stop the mindless scratching of bug bites. Check out an earlier post on what oils I use for head tension...

dōTERRA's TerraShield is used throughout the balmy Summer evenings in diffusers all over my home and my limbs are sprayed with Terra Armour. Their musky and spicy aromas are rather lovely and so much nicer than the chemical based sprays I used to use. With so many reports of toxicity and the effect of these chemicals on our hormones and health, I am so happy to have natural alternatives that I can trust.

If flies are a problem in your home, try adding Peppermint and Arborvitae to TerraShield in your diffuser!

Head to to get TerraShield, TerraArmour and Past Tense into your life!

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