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Nominate a Kiwi School

Embracing Hearts aims to donate an AED to every Kiwi , preschool, school, college or similar with a heart kid where possible.


We operate as a 100% volunteer New Zealand charity and are reliant on donations and grants. These tend to come from the communities where the schools are based. We love it when schools hold fundraising events for their own AED or to pay it forward to another school. 

Information Required by email to

  • Name of heart kid

  • Age of heart kid and years expected to attend

  • Parent name and email 

  • School name, contact person, phone, email and address

  • Confirmation that the school doesn’t have an AED and would like to have one

  • Family approval for a photo to be shared on our social media and website (not compulsory but please indicate)

Once this information is received, we check with the Ambulance Services that the school is a suitable location for an inside or outside AED, email the school, ccing all parties and begin to source funding.

Where possible, we prefer to donate a 24/7 AED with alarmed lock box that is accessible by the entire community at all times.

If a 24/7 AED is not practical, inside models at lower prices are available on request.

​Once the child leaves the centre or school, the AED stays there and we are happy to then help fundraise for the next school if needed. 

All decisions re donations of AEDs  are made with Embracing Hearts' Trustees and Accountant and the relevant Ambulance Service.

Embracing Hearts Charitable Trust is a GST registered New Zealand charity with donee status.


Charities Commission: CC56823

NZBN: 9429047351998

IRD No: 129-794-020
GST 129-794-020

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