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FLOOTing around Japan & Vietnam!

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

After two weeks eating our way around Japan followed by a week trying to walk it all off in-between even more ridiculously delicious meals while exploring Vietnam, too much goodness caught up with me. 👣👣👣

I'm a bit of a germaphobe. Having spent years trying to keep a chronically ill child away from bugs, it's a hard habit to shake. I totally adored the hand towels before each meal in both countries and how clean Japan in particular was.

As we left Japan, I had the beginnings of a scratchy throat. Usually a gargle of water with a drop each of Lemon and On Guard is enough for me but I didn’t get onto it quite quickly enough😏

The husband HATES cloves so when I’m with him 24/7 I try not to overdo On Guard. I'm so used to being well, that I didn't really bring the right oils with me. I was more focussed on keeping my belly calm - so many meals out, unknown ingredients and, lets face it, hygiene! DigestZen Touch on my belly and a drop of DigestZen under my tongue and in my water with Lemon = success!!

I demolished a packet of On Guard Lozenges over a couple of days, rubbed a drop of the FLOOT oils on top of Frank Touch onto my throat & feet morning and night. I love to take a deep inhale or 3 from my hands first. I masked the aroma with Melissa for its added goodness (Litsea has similar properties btw) and didn’t get the “I smell cloves” comment!! 👊

I also FLOOTed my glass water bottle, ie one drop each of Frank, Oregano, On Guard & Tea Tree and two of Lemon and filled with filtered water. I sipped this concoction throughout the day whenever I felt the urge to cough (made sure I was grazing all day so my tummy could cope with these oils and added a drop of DigestZen when eating for good measure!).

In countries where I was nervous to use pharmaceuticals, it was simply wonderful to have full control over my health with natural options!

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