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Being An Oil Magnate!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Writing my occupation on travel docs doesn’t get old 🤣

Makes me smile because I love what I do🙏

Makes me think about my hubby who wrote it first 🤵

It puts me into girl boss mode. 👸

Crazy how writing a word or words can have such an impact on us. 🖌

I AM an oil magnate! I’m creating my empire but I’m also a magnet for the oils. Somehow they chose & choose me 👉

It never fails to amaze me how I can rummage about in my bag for oils & the one I bring out is the one I need 🎒

Today it’s DigestZen Touch 💙

With plane food about to be served, I have no idea really what I’m eating, how it was prepared or what processed elements there are to it or even if preservatives that I’m likely to react to are in it 🍱🍰🍷

A swipe of DigestZen over my belly & I’m confident. I’m calm. I’m okay. It’s my brain's anchor that all is well & it’s reassurance that I won’t have an adverse reaction to my food👌

After 25 years of moving countries, cities, towns & suburbs✈️ 🏘, I didn’t really have continuity of medical care until about 3 years ago📿. To finally have an answer as to why my body appeared to reject most of what I put in it was a huge relief. It was also life changing.

The oils came into my life about the same time and I was also grieving for my father. Amazing how often things come in threes isn’t it 🙏?

Whenever I do have an adverse reaction to my food, I know I can count on my oils. DigestZen has without doubt changed my life. For the better💫.

Whenever I have a flare up, I know I can reach for this extraordinary blend & reassure my body and brain that all is well 🙏.

We don’t talk about this stuff. It’s embarrassing🤦‍♀️. I used to avoid social situations because I knew I would be back and forth to the bathroom. I have almost certainly lost friendships over it. Is she getting up repeatedly from the table to throw up? Why does she keep leaving the table? Why isn't she talking or smiling? Answer: she's terrified she has an upset belly and is trying to come up with an excuse to get up yet again 😱...

This is why I’m not afraid to share my story. Every time I do, I see that familiar look in someone’s eyes, that shift of familiarity with what I am saying, whether it’s for themselves or someone they love & I know all over again why I do this 🙋‍♀️.

This stuff works. Pure and simple. It works 🤗

I would love to get this oil into your bag & medicine cabinet & guide you through it’s safe useage 💞.


Emma x

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