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So, I treated myself to a holiday facial and a massage and made a bit of a rookie mistake!⁣ That very tasty almond mocha wasn't a great idea just before two hours of pampering. My stomach wasn't feeling that great and I didn't want to, you know....⁣ I rubbed DigestZen Touch on my belly, popped a couple of drops DigestZen under my tongue and sprinkled a couple of drops on the headrest cover so I could inhale its goodness.

Amazingly I enjoyed my beautiful massage and easily the best facial I have ever had. I am sure I even nodded off to sleep a couple of times! For me this once would have been unheard of and I doubt I would have been able to relax and enjoy myself. I did clutch my bottle of DigestZen throughout the treatments, a bit like a security blanket I suppose.

For me DigestZen is an anchor - when I am feeling like this, my brain recognises that everything is okay and my gut can respond accordingly instead of going into fight or flight mode, if you get my drift!⁣

Too much information? Maybe, but I hear from so many people that gut health can totally dominate their lives. It certainly did mine once and since I began using essential oils, I have been able to get on with life without the worry of constant stomach issues. It gives me so much pleasure to share this with others and to hear their stories of success with oils and supplements like DigestZen, Ginger, Life Long Vitality and TerraZyme. Let's get some DigestZen into your home here!

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