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Making Sense Of Grief

Today was a rough day. It started out full of promise and is ending with a heavy heart.

Today, I headed into town with my girl as we are on holiday together and had some lovely things planned. Then my phone rang and I learned that a dear friend had unexpectedly found her angel wings.

Grief is something that throws everything out of kilter and yet it also helps us to rebalance; to remember what really matters in our lives.

L was my friend and I miss her. My heart is absolutely aching for her dear mother, husband and son and our mutual friends who are also broken.

I sat in the shopping mall sobbing and calling the people I needed to console and share this raw grief with, once I knew they already knew. I couldn’t bring myself to be the one to cause their sadness but we needed to share it together.

After a couple of hours under the covers at home, my girl and I headed to the beach where we sat, talked, laughed, patted dogs that came to say hello, watched the waves crash and beautifully felt the sand beneath our feet.

Before we left I reached for Comfort and Peace, smothered myself in their beauty and inhaled their divine scents. As we sat on the sand, I pulled them out of my pocket and put them on again, the scent wafting amongst the smells and sounds of nature with the wind; giving me some joy and a sense of being grounded and safe.

My heart is still heavy and will continue to be, but I feel comforted by having shared today with friends, having the love and peaceful company of my girl and the power and beauty of my oils to give me Comfort and Peace.

Fly high my beautiful friend🙏🏻

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