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Lavender To The Rescue!

Lavender is of course our first go to for getting off to sleep. Most of us have memories of Lavender and there is nothing quite like dōTERRA's!

Maybe you have walked into a shop with an artificial lavender burning or experienced a strong metallic and somewhat unnatural odour of manmade lavender that has been added to a candle, soaps or bath products. Maybe your memory of it is tied up in the smell of the clothes of someone from your childhood - and maybe they aren't necessarily the best ones...

Did you know that other than dōTERRA there is absolutely no regulation in the essential oil industry? That means that your cheap bottle of 'pure' oil or even that expensive one your forked out for, may not be what you think it is. There might only be 5-10% of oil in that bottle, there will undoubtedly be fillers or manmade substances altered and mixed to smell like an essential oil and the quality will almost certainly be questionable.

The number of times I have heard someone say they don't like Lavender and then they experience our one and everything changes.

Wanting some support as you drift off to sleep? Lavender! Skin a little sensitive? Lavender! Lavender flavouring for your recipe? Yes Lavender! Worn new shoes and walked for miles? Lavender! Tough day at the office or at home? Lavender! Been out in the sun too long? Lavender! Touched a hot oven dish? Lavender! Head tension? Lavender!

(I'd add a drop or two of Peppermint with FCO to the last three btw)

I recently pulled out a tray of freshly made Christmas Mince Pies and as I was hurrying to get ready for guests due any moment, I forgot that things from the oven are hot and burned the tip of my middle finger.

With no time to wait with my hand under a tap of cold running water for ten minutes, I applied a couple of drops ofdōTERRA's soothing Lavender and cooling Peppermint oil and enjoyed instant relief. I repeated this twice more over the following couple of hours as 'insurance'.

End of story!

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