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Salubelle & Spikenard

Sometimes when we first take in the aroma of a newly acquired oil or blend, we wonder what all the fuss was about. Is this our body's way of saying that this oil isn't for us or is it the oil we actually need when we look at the emotional aspect of it??

Spikenard was not an oil I enjoyed when I first took the lid off the bottle. I really didn't like it. For some reason today it was the oil I reached for and today I have loved it. LOVED it!

When I checked out the Emotions and Essential Oils Book it described Spikenard as the Oil of Gratitude. It's positive properties are "grateful, acceptance, content and peaceful".


After a crazy busy few months, I have had the luxury of a few days on my own (total luxury when you have as big a family as I do). I have been spending time self reflecting, acknowledging what I am grateful for, being completely happy in my own skin, 'getting my ducks in a row' and feeling really peaceful in my peaceful environment with the doors wide open when the sun has shone and enjoying the sound of rain falling when it hasn't...

And then when I saw that Salubelle is one of the suggested companion oils, I put them together.

My oh my! I'm in loooove!

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