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I have to share! I love our Aromatherapy oils and reach for them often but I have not really been a fan of Forgive...

So, there was a bit of a situation with someone I really needed to Forgive and to move on from some pretty unpleasant behaviour on her part. I knew I would be crossing paths with her so made the very conscious choice to make it happen.

Time to get out the Forgive!

There has to be something in making the decision to Forgive, reading the words on the bottle, inhaling the oils, using Forgive as my perfume for the day and putting it on my clothes. This of course ensured others around me would also breathe it in...

When I first walked into the room she looked the other way, we ended up next to each other and somehow had a pleasant enough conversation!

Might have happened anyway but I’m putting it down to Forgive!

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