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Travelling With Essential Oils!

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

I travel a lot and I mostly love it. Catching a plane between NZ and Australia is usually a relatively painless experience. You watch a movie and then it's pretty much time to disembark.

On one recent flight, I was sitting next to a very lovely but very sick woman. She spent the entire flight apologising every time she coughed or sneezed which was often during our 3 1/2 hour flight. While I felt bad for her, I also felt bad for myself as I really really didn't want to catch her bugs.

Before I began to use essential oils in my everyday life, the reality for me, after sitting next to such an unwell passenger on a plane and with the germs all freely flowing through the air condition system, would have been to spend a week or two fighting whatever delights I had been given.

Of course I always travel with a considerable amount of oils and on this particular trip, all I had was a key ring with 10 wee bottles of my 'necessity' oils. Fortunately this includes On Guard, our Protective Blend. I was rather 'accidentally careless' with my application of it, figuring that I was helping everyone on board as the air con no doubt gathered it and passed it on. I applied a drop to my throat, chest, hands & feet and deeply inhaled the delicious blend of Wild Orange, Cinanmon Rosemary, Eucalyputs & Clove. I did this several times throughout the flight for good measure.

I didn't catch whatever this poor lady was suffering from. I don't know about you, but I think this is pretty remarkable!

I started to watch a movie. You know that moment you realise one that you really really wanted to watch is one of the choices!! And then I started with the heavy eyes and the head nod thing.

1. I wanted to watch the movie

2. I wanted to be able to sleep when I got to bed in Wellington at 1am!

So I gave myself a 'Peppermint moustache' and deeply inhaled from my hands. Ping! I no longer felt sleep, watched my movie and was ready for sleep when I got to bed in Wellington.

The other experience on this particular flight was my legs became crazy restless. You know when you just have to keep moving them and you can't keep still. I have an app on my phone (that I happily share at no cost with new enrolments) that I looked up to see what it suggested for restless legs and Frankincense was the recommendation. So, I rubbed a couple of drops of Frank along my calves. Boom! Still and relaxed legs!

The uses these bottles of plant power never cease to amaze me. What could have been a rather uncomfortable and frustrating trip was anything but.

Do you think these oils could benefit you and your family?

Let's talk!

Emma x

My recent carry on oils from NZ to Aussie!

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